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Power Hour

Power Hour

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"I wish I could just talk to someone that can help me get organized and figure out what to do in my marketing!" - said almost every small business owner out there! Am 
I right??

Have you found yourself saying that or wishing you could just have an expert look at your business, brand, website, social media, or email marketing efforts and see if you're on the right track?!? That's exactly what Power Hour is!! 

I'll take a deep dive into your brand and look what has been created, what's working for you, and maybe where some small holes are working against you (or pot holes if you're just starting out- don't worry, I'll walk you through it all!). 

This audit is all about YOU!! Ask YOUR questions, review YOUR website, and clarify YOUR message to YOUR audience!! I'm here to walk you through best practices and how to attract your ideal customer and I can't wait to help you!!

With hundred’s of Marketing Audits under my belt, I know what's working and what's not working and I'm ready to share it all with you!!

It's simple: you create the content, I take a look at it all, and strategize ways we can tweak things to get your brand message across clearly and also ways that your content can make👏🏼. you👏🏼. money👏🏼!! 

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