Email Marketing 101

I know you've heard this phrase over and over again... "Email Marketing is vital to your business". Or "Email Marketing has the highest ROI, you need to do it". Or maybe this one "You've gotta grow your email list!!" Sound familiar??

Ok so sorry if that triggered some instant anxiety there about email marketing! We get it, you keep hearing ALL about your "email marketing" but then you break down and start to twitch (majorly) because you don't really understand "Email Marketing" or what to do after you finally installed a email signup popup (thanks to Google or YouTube) on your website.

But that's why you're here! Right here, right now, on this page, reading all about how we can help that twitching go away! Yes, it's true... there is a better way out there for you! We can teach you how to not only learn WHAT email series to build but WHY does your brand need these and actually.... HOW should you build these!! 

Through this course you will feel...

Save My Seat!


Email Series, Automations, ROI, CTA, Click Through Rates.... blah, blah, blah. Man, it almost feels like the email marketing world has a language of its own, right?!?!

Through the Email Marketing 101 Course, we're going to teach you how to feel confident with email marketing AND all the terms that go along with it. In fact, there's a whole module about it to easily go through some of the key terms you'll need to know before trying to build out all your series.

This course is action-packed and you going to learn why email marketing is so important and how to create automated series that work! Plus, a little bit of extra information in between! 

You'll learn how to create these 3 series:

Ok the question you're asking yourself, "So what all comes in this course?". Great question, I would love to tell you!

5 Modules - quick, easy, and value-packed modules that review the following:

- Why you need email marketing
- Key Terms and KPI's (learning the email marketing language)
- Different Email Marketing Platforms and which one is best for your business
- The 3 Must-Have Email Marketing Series
          * Welcome Series
          * Post Purchase Series
          * Win Back Campaign
- Option to meet directly with us to review everything you've created and strategize with you!

But wait... there's more! Because you're one of the first to signup for the course, you'll get access to our Bonus Module!! "How to use Canva to create emails look like the Big Brands!". I'll teach you how to use Canva to create graphics that speak to you audience and delivers information in a way that they want!

Oh and worksheets delivered to your inbox that will help you remember all that was covered in the course, and makes sure that you're checking all the boxes as you build your email series.

Andddddd.... You get to join a free group video call where we will teach you ALL about the technical side of email marketing and how to build these different series! We'll record it and send it to you too, incase you can't make that specific time.

Woah!! That's a lot of content! And honestly, if you were to schedule a 1:1 consulting call with me to learn all of this, you'd spend well over $1000 and it would take you a lot longer. 

This course will cover all you need to know about email marketing to feel educated, confident, and ready to tackle your email marketing needs to communicate the right message to your audience AND keep them coming back for more!


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