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Email Automation Audit

Email Automation Audit

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Ever wish you could just have a marketing CEO look at your email marketing efforts and see if you're on the right track?!? That's exactly what a Email Marketing Audit is!! We're here to go through what you've created and give you feedback on what looks great, what needs some tweaks, and where we can evolve even more so you can create emails that connect to your audience and also that make you money! 

Because you know what your brand should look like, feel like, and sound like, you're going to create some amazing content for your business. But is it the easiest for your community and customers to digest or understand?? Well, that's where we come in! During our Email Marketing Audit Call, we'll get access to the emails you've created and go through them all to understand your mission and where we can tweak things. Whether your goal is to slightly increase open rates, increase click through rates, or communicate your brand message effortlessly, we'll be here to hold your hand, every step of the way! 

Having completed dozens of Email and full brand Marketing Audits, I've learned that I am typically my clients target demographic! Which is seriously so fun for me because I get to look at your email marketing efforts as a consumer, a marketer with my background and expertise, and with knowing a little of your story and what you're trying to communicate, I get to look at things from an insider's perspective too! 

It's simple: you create the content, I take a look at it all and strategize ways we can tweak things to get your brand message across clearly and create content that makes👏🏼. you👏🏼. money👏🏼!!
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